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Melissa Single For Sale 
01:38pm 23/11/2010
Porno Graffiti: Melissa CD.
Condition: Good.
Price: $5.00

If you would like this, please comment! Shipping is NOT included in this price. I will sell this on a first comment first serve basis. I accept paypal - if you need to pay another way, I am open to talk about it! =)

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11:27pm 17/11/2010
  HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!  
extra copy of Trigger needs a home 
11:44pm 13/05/2010
  Thanks to a post office snafu, I ended up with 2 copies of Trigger CD+DVD edition [Amazon.co.jp description | Yesasia description | note: the DVD is region 2]. My extra copy is up for grabs! Condition: New, Unopened. I'll mail it anywhere in the world.

If interested, you can comment here (comments are screened) or email me at sakana17 at gmail dot com.

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Porno Graffitti goes to Tokyo Dome + New Single 'Anima Rossa' for BLEACH 
08:14pm 02/10/2009
mood: ecstatic
Some recent Porno Graffitti news~

Credit to
Translation: Claire
Source: Porno Graffitti Official Site

"Having recently released their latest single 'Kono mune wo, ai wo iyo', pop/rock duo Porno Graffitti have now announced the release of another new single, called 'Anima Rossa', for November 25th.

'Anima Rossa', written and composed by vocalist/ guitarist Akihito Okano, will be released three days before the group's first performance at Tokyo Dome, which will be titled Tokyo Romance Porno '09 ~Ai to Seishun no Hibi~. The single's title song is planned to be used as the new opening theme song for the anime "BLEACH" starting on October 27th.

The single, besides the main track, will also include two other brand-new son
gs, 'Houkibo na haiboku' and 'Jaken ni shinai de', both with lyrics and melodies fully created by guitarist Haruichi Shindo. Porno Graffitti also have a new live DVD set to hit the stores on October 28th, featuring footage from their one-man concerts at Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan on May this year."

I know most of you PG fans would have known it already, but yes, PG is(finally) playing TOKYO DOME~!!!

Porno Graffitti, omedetou gozaimasu~!!!

Lately I've been neglecting the PG fandom, but I'll be thinking seriously about translating the news regularly from the official website. By the way, the tour goods for they new tour are up for pre-orders: 


The Poruno tee for this 「東京ロマンスポルノ’09 ~愛と青春の日々~」 (Tokyo Romance  Poruno ~Love & Youth Daily~)tour looks really cheery, I love it! If you place an order during the pre-sale, an 'Introduction Booklet'(only available for sale at the Dome, if I'm not wrong?) will be included free. I'll might translate the item descriptions in the forum(maybe here too), for those of you who are thinking of ordering anything.

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Melissa Single For Sale 
06:44pm 31/07/2009
Porno Graffiti: Melissa CD.
Condition: Good.
Price: $5.00

If you would like this, please comment! Shipping is NOT included in this price. I will sell this on a first comment first serve basis. I accept paypal - if you need to pay another way, I am open to talk about it! =)

If no one shows interest I will delete this post on August 20, 2009.

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wts:porno graffity singles 
09:14pm 01/07/2009
  hi guys

im selling some of my porno graffity singles .
if you are looking for any of their albums and singles i m taking requests .

i m also selling tons of jpop cds albums and singles like ayumi hamasaki,koda kumi,hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru,mika namashima,amuro namie and more and i m  selling jrock cds like l arc en ciel ,dir en grey and more .
price start at 4.15$ for a single

for pictures , price and additional informations ,please check my website at WWW.MYJPOP.COM

im also accepting conceal cash , please send me a private message if you wish to do so :-)

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10:59am 25/06/2008
  Hi~ Selling some Porno Graffitti things at my LJ Please come have a look!
Prono Graffitti - Thumpx
PATI PATI 02/2006 - Porno Graffitti
BPASS - 12/2005 Cover:Porno Graffitti

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Porno Graffitti Icons 
11:03pm 12/04/2007
  Highly, highly anticipating getting to see this amazing band in concert next month, I've tracked down some images and made icons of Porno Graffitti!

Feel free to use textless as bases. Please no hot linking. Credit not expected. Comments will be well-received :o


Tama even makes a cameo or two...Collapse )

Probably will be cross-posted.

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I have found a site for free music!!! 
08:14pm 08/02/2007
  This site has free videogame and anime music! No joke! It's soooo cool!


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Request for M-CABI 
07:44pm 24/12/2006
  The lovely d_grayman had uploaded the Music Cabinet album previously, but i wiped it off my hard drive by accident. OTL

Would anyone be kind enough to offer a re-up? I'll be more than happy to upload any PG songs from my stash in return. Please and thanks! ♥

P.S. NaNaNa Winter Girl would make an awesome xmas song amirite.

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Pornograffittinews.blogspot.com Updated 
12:53pm 03/12/2006
mood: busy
Hi everyone, I run a Porno Graffitti fansite (some of you might remember), I've finally got around to making the Magazine Scans gallery which thanks to the kind donators of scans I think is now one of the best sources of PG images on the net! ^^

So why not go take a look:

Also please note the URL of the site has changed (from www.pornograffitti.japanese.at), please updated your bookmarks! ;)

Finally, my next plans for the site are to make the wallpaper gallery, so if you make PG wallpapers and want to contribute please .zip or .rar up all the papers you want to donate, upload them to YSI or Sendspace or Mega Upload and leave the link in a comment to this post along with the name you wish to be credited by.

Thank you!

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Porno Graffitti's sixth album 
11:04pm 18/11/2006
  Porno Graffitti's sixth album, m-cabi (short for Music Cabinet) is due out this Wednesday!!! I'm really really excited. The cover for the regular edition isn't on CDJapan but the one for the limited edition is, so I'll just post that.


01. m-NAVI 1"Ride on!! Blue vehicle!"
02. ハネウマライダー (Haneuma Rider)
05. m-NAVI 2"Keep on having fun with the MUSIC CABINET"
06. Winding Road
07. 休日 (Kyuujitsu; English translation: Holiday)
08. NaNaNa サマーガール (NaNaNa Summer Girl)
10. ジョバイロ (Yo Bailo)
11. m-NAVI 3"Ready? Silvia,Geronimo,and Lily?"
12. 月明りのシルビア (Tsukiakari no Silvia; English translation: Silvia of the Moonlight)
13. Mr.ジェロニモ (Mr. Geronimo)
14. 横浜リリー (Yokohama Lily)
15. m-NAVI 4"Let's enjoy till the end"
16. ライン (Rain)
17. グラヴィティ (Gravity)

If the most recent singles are any indication, this album is going to be fantastic. I'll upload it for you all as soon as I can!

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Upload: Romantist Egoist 
08:51am 25/08/2006
mood: awake
Porno Graffitti upload page updated with downloads for their debut album Romantist Egoist!

Head over to my LJ for links.

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Nobuta wo produce fanvideo with orno Graffiti Music 
04:44pm 04/07/2006
  Hey everyone! I've been a lurker in this community for quite sometime. And I just want to say I Love Porno Graffiti so much.!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much that I used one of my favorite song by PG as the music in a fanvideo of "Nobuta wo Produce" that i made recently. 

I just wanted to share it to evryone. PG's music is really universal and I just love them! The music i used for the Fanvideo is "Heart". you can view it here

Nobuta wo produce fanvid- Heart

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Porno Graffitti Forum 
11:22am 14/05/2006
  I want to make advertise for http://pornograffitti.foren-city.de/
right now there are 126 members and I hope the number will increase,
anyway there is a lot of information, and you can find pictures, downloads, etc.
It might be worth to take a look ;)

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04:05pm 10/05/2006
  Hey guys :)
I just joined this community (I don't know why it took me so long)
I felt like introducing myself, since this community looks like it doesn't see much action ^^

My name is Ella, and I recently moved back to the United States after having lived most of my life in Germany. It's kind of weird to have culture shock in my own country, haha. Anyway, Porno Graffitti is the band that got me into Japanese music (and now I can't get out, haha). About 6 years ago, I got my brother the GTO anime, and you all know Hitori no Yoru... Yes, I was hooked. It was hard for me to find info (and media :p) on them at first, but then I learned to look harder, I guess. I've always had an interest in foreign lanuages and music, though.

Well, that's about it. I love this band.

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08:02pm 01/04/2006
  Would anyone mind uploading or sending some Porno Graffitti to me?
I listened to them today for the first time in my freinds car and I loved it.

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Porno Graffitti Magazine Scans 
04:22pm 01/04/2006
mood: excited
My friend sent me Porno Graffitti cuttings from her magazines, so I thought I'd share the love and scan them.

click the thumbnails to get nice and huge quality scans to save for making wallpapers or whatever ;)

sorry they are not very well organised -_-"
The filenames reflect the magazines the scans are from but I didn't know them all ^^"

please don't direct link the images anywhere as they are hosted on my own webspace.

enjoy: http://www.zen99283.zen.co.uk/pg/pgimages2/gallery/pgscans/index.htm

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Tama's solo album, and new scans 
11:22pm 26/03/2006
  I uploaded MP3's of Tama's solo album "Great Pleasure" plus the Tama photos from the insert booklet.

Also, new Porno Graffitti scans (just the pix) from B Pass 2006 special issue, What's In February 2006, and What's In April 2006.

Everything is here.

There's a PG concert on NHK in Japan on April 2. Will anyone be able to get it? I couldn't tell from the description I saw if it would be the same as the "Switch" live dvd that's coming out March 29. (I can't wait for this dvd!!!!!)

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